Debbie offers the following services:

Massage & Bodywork: REIKI

Debbie is a certified REIKI master. She uses intuitive readings and energy healings to help people discover the thoughts and beliefs that are holding them back from living their most joyous life.

She is a lover of birds: hummingbirds, hawks, and little yellow finches.  Dogs: big, small, puppies and slow, old lumbering ones.  Cats too, but her dog won't let me have one.  Using her intuition. Night time dreams.  Tarot cards.  Flowers, being creative, cooking, experimenting, making art, and learning all about herbs.  She is a great cheerleader ... She love helping others believe in themselves.  She has been doing this work in one way or another all of her life, and have had the utter good fortune of working with some amazing Reiki and Intuitive Energy healers.