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Breathing & Relaxation Exercises

When we are under stress our breath becomes shallow and irregular. This has   a negative affect on all our body systems. Breathing slowly and deeply slows the heart rate, reduces blood pressure, increases oxygen flow to the brain, relaxes muscles, reduces anxiety and triggers the release of relaxation hormones.

 The breathing and relaxation exercises I teach are simple and can be done anytime and anywhere. You will feel better instantly after doing as little as 5 minutes of doing one of these exercises.

Insomnia Care - an Integrative Approach to Sleep Hygiene

Over 70 million American's suffer from sleep issues. Lack of sleep tacks a toll on all aspects of life and affects our health in a negative way: high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, memory impairment, and a weakened immune system are linked to impaired sleep.

I can help you resolve your sleep issues through my integrative approach to sleep hygiene, which includes a careful assessment of factors contributing to insomnia, lifestyle and nutritional recommendation, botanical and aromatherapy, and the implementation of personalized, soothing bedtime rituals.

Postural Assessment & Exercise Instruction

 Postural imbalances lead to pain and discomfort. A postural assessment will help you understand your weaknesses and correct them with simple exercises and ergonomic changes.

Injury Prevention & Care

 My training as an orthopedic therapist and my years of doing martial arts and many other sports have given me a lot of knowledge and experience in both prevention and care of injuries.

Hydrotherapy for Common Ailments

 Hydrotherapy, the use of water, ice,cold and warm moist heat is very under-used in the US. Hydrotherapy has well-established history and use in Europe. I was raised using the principles of hydrotherapy to care for a wide array of ailments. Coughs, colds, flues, musculoskeletal problems like muscle tension, sprains and strains, immune system issues, blood pressure and circulation problems, insomnia and depression, as well as menstrual cramps and headaches all can successfully be addressed with hydrotherapy.

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